Paradise Kiss

Paradise-Kiss-2011 Paradise-kiss

Starring: Keiko Kitagawa, Osamu Mukai, Yusuke Yumamoto

The movie is about a very pretty and studious student who always obeys her mother. She’s trying her best to have better grades just to please her mother, although the truth is, she wanted freedom and try doing what she wanted. This [what she wanted] actually happened when she met a group of fashion designers. At first, she kept on refusing their offer to be a model, but then, she met the leader of the group and noticed that there’s something about his stare that bothers her. Some of the members of the group went to her school just to persuade her to be a model, and she always ended up in the studio of the fashion designers. She started to love staying in the Paradise Kiss studio and being with the designers. She was even dressed up to see if she really is the one. Part of her wanted to do the job, but another part of her is afraid of what reaction her mother might have. The leader then talked to her and told her he doesnt need a puppet who is being controlled by another person. She decided to do the modelling to prove that she’s not a puppet and to help the group in the competition. Through time, they started to fall for each other, tho the leader thought that the girl was still in love with her classmate.

Rating: ★★★★★ ★★★★☆

I think i cant give it a perfect ten, because the development of their love story is so fast. That’s the only part I didnt like. The story is kinda fast. But! Overall, it’s rally good. I love it. The plot of the story, is very well-written (i was just expecting it will take some time before they fell in love. bec there were no definite signs that they like each other). The characters are all great. Keiko Kitagawa is very very pretty, she looks like a doll and i love her expressions in the drama. And i notice she looks like Iya Villania!  Osamu Mukai also did a great job though i thought he was a gay at first. Haha! Twas bec of the way he was dressed. Haha! And the rest of the members of the group were amazing. If you want something new, try this movie. Especially if you like fashion, this is a must-watch for you then 🙂

Watched: May2013


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