hashtag wow

Wow, this is insane. I just thought of trying to sign in this wordpress bec i am looking for a post slash letter i wrote few years back but unfortunately, i couldnt find it.

The last time i checked and updated this website was, i think, in 2013. I didnt expect that this site will generate a lot of visitors!! In 2014, it had more than 700 visitors. Wow!!

Bec of school works, i dont have enough time to binge-watch korean dramas *sad* and im not even updated to the new dramas that my fave actors are doing *sad** But maybe aside from being busy with papers and reports and whatever, another thing that made me lose interest watching korean dramas is that the story lines are now almost the same. There’s nothing new. Korean dramas in 2014 and 2015 are not the same as the ones back in 2012 and 2013. I was once a fan of kdramas, but something has changed.

But anyway, thank you guys for visiting this site even just for a minute or two. I now have my tumblr account- perfectparadaox.tumblr.com – which contains mostly reblogs but i do have my “personal” tumblr somewhere there. Go find it lol

I am actually planning to delete this site but after seeing the number of views, i guess i’ll just keep it. It will also serve as a memory bank lol i was laughing while reading my entries bec idk i couldnt believe i wrote those lol. But i also plan to create another site/blog here about my adventures and food trips and poems and anything really